General Raheel Sharif Called On International Community To Censure Indian Fabrication


The Pakistan Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif calls on international community to condemn the rival (Indian) fabrication, he cleared in his speech that any aggression by Pakistan enemies would be replied by befitting response.


The escalating situations between Nuclear Power neighbors riffed deeply as the Pakistani Chief of Army staff calls on international community to condemn the fabrications of Indian.

The distortion on Line of Control and in Kashmir would be replied by the appropriate response, General Raheel Sharif said on Thursday in passing out parade of Pakistan Air Force cadets in Risalpur.

In an aggressive speech in Risalpur at the event passing out parade of PAF cadets, Chief of Army Staff has openly said, ““We have recently witnessed an unfortunate display of utter desperation playing out inside Occupied Kashmir and a long Line of Control through a litany of falsehoods and distortion of facts by India”,

General Raheel Sharif also added while addressing, “. We expect international community to condemn Indian insinuations and fabrications about a nation that has made unparallel contributions in the global fight against terrorism.”

He cleared country’s rival that Pakistani armed forces are fully ready to give the most befitting act to their rivals either it was the internal rival or the external by their God gifted strategies.

The chief of army staff asserted the Pakistani armed forces has collectively eradicated the threats from their country and defending the motherland very consciously.

The chief has also asserted, the armed forces has successfully destroyed the infrastructure of terrorist and pulled out terrorist from their roots however, the lush homeland is quite peaceful, responsible and loving country.

because it committed friendly relation with its neighbors, declaring the number one fighter team in the world the chief of army staff said Pakistan armed forces spread peace in Zarb-e-Azb with operation.