Geraldine Roman: Philippines Voter Elected First Ever Transgender Politician


Filipinos witnessed a historic moment by electing a transgender politician Geraldine Roman, as she wins her first seat of legislative district seat of Bataan and become the first transgender politician to congress on Tuesday.


The 49-years old Geraldine Roman is being hailed as a source of hope by LGBT community in Philippines where legislators compare couples in same sex-union as worse than animals.

where community member of LGBT asked her to go to another planet, Geraldine Roman never lose hope and done her best as possible as she can that’s why Filipinos created a historic moment when voters cast their vote in favor of transgender politician and made elected her as the transgender politician to congress.

Geraldine won her first victory of legislative district of Bataan on May 9, and become the first ever transgender politician in the history of Philippines.

Religion plays a vital political role in the country where divorce, same-sex marriage and abortion is illegal and the law of the country prevent to change the name and sex of the transgender Filipinos.

but now she gain power and become the first ever transgender politician, Geraldine will hope to change the attitude of the people of the country toward lesbians, bisexual, gay, and transgender LGBT community.

Liberal party candidate, Geraldine Roman trounced her closest rival in the Legislative district of Bataan by 62% of unofficial votes count with 99% of precincts.

Political party’s second of four children Geraldine Roman is the daughter of Bataan representative of Antonino Roman Jr. and Herminia Roman, Antonino Roman served three consecutive terms in 11th to 13th congress from 1998 to 2007.

Geraldine Roman spent her several years in Spain where she completed his master and worked as an editor in the news agency of Spain as well as underwent sex reassignment surgery and married to a Spanish citizen as there same-sex marriage is legal.