Girl Killed When Dragged And Struck By School Bus In Western Massachusetts


A 9-years old girl killed in afternoon of Friday when she was dragged by School Bus and then struck by it in Plainfield, in western Massachusetts, the accident was happened when girl was getting of at her stop.


Plainfield, western Massachusetts state police said an innocent 9-years old girl was getting off at her station a bus dragged and then struck it, girl killed at sight.

The accident happened in Plainfield in western Massachusetts in afternoon around 4 ‘o clock at Friday, it is revealed the there is no mistake of any bus authority and bus driver.

The western Massachusetts Police and rescue staff instantly made his way to crime scene, the rescue officials done their best but the younger girl was no more and revealed, the girl was killed at that instance when she dragged with School bus and struck with some hard hurdle.

Police officials was also reached there and started their preliminary investigation to know what exactly had done.

The preliminary investigation reached to an end that when girl was getting of the school bus in afternoon, she although dropped by school bus but her clothe or something else stay in.

when bus door close and made his way to next station she dragged along with bus when drove away and struck with it, after some short distance driver pulled up the bus break and stopped to clear killed 9-years old girl.

However, the western state police still not disclose the identification of 9-years old girl and interviewing to bus driver, Police yet not found fault of driver as girl was proved unable to clear while getting off the bus on her stop.

The police also not released the name of driver and even not disclose name of transport company.