Grand Opening Ceremony Of Rio Olympic Games 2016, Fireworks, Dance Performance, Singing Performance


RIO: this year the opening ceremony of Olympics Game 2016 takes place on 5 August 2016 this opening ceremony shocks the whole world with its grand opening and eye popping fireworks along with the entries of athletes belong to different countries.


The opening ceremony of Rio Olympic Games is done by the present President of Brazil by burning the traditional flame of Olympic Games and this Flame continuously burning till the ending ceremony of Olympic Games.

After this flame burring ceremony the official opening event is started in the starting of this event the traditional dance of Brazil is presented in the front of the world and to send a message that this year Olympic Games are taking place on the Land of Brazil.

After this magnificent dance performance an eye popping and jaw dropping fireworks are present to please the hearts of views and participants everyone was wonder to see that amazing and awesome fireworks.

After that the ceremony moves forward and many of the world famous singers from different regions spread the magic of their voice in all over the stadium after that the introduction ceremony of world class athletes belong from different countries are introduced to the world as these athletes are fully representing their countries.

For making this whole ceremony more interesting and wonderful the whole ground is turned into a theme park and the theme selected for the ground is of sea and the stage is present as Amazon in this opening ceremony many leaders from different countries reached there to attend this historical event.

This year 205 countries participated in the Olympic Games along with 11 thousand players and the gap of 12 years Golf is again added in Olympic Games total number of games played in Olympic 210 is 42.