GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 Trailer (2017), Release Date, Cast, First Look


The first teaser trailer of “Guardians of Galaxy 2” is now out, while the shorter teaser trailer wrapped up in only two minutes but the second volume will touch the cusp of fame as its misfits are back with new bang.

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Marvel Entertainment studio has pushed out a shorter teaser to pump up the old memories with first volume of “Guardians of Galaxy” with some of comedy hits and glimpse of galactic battle.

The first highly anticipated teaser trailer of “Guardians of Galaxy 2” opens with same old 70’s groovy blue sound track.

The Swed’s musical track “Hooked on a Feeling” is playing as a background music which pumping up the base to introduce the flick’s cast.

The teaser is reprising all superheroes in the second volume of Guardians of Galaxy, one group is again packing with unwilling misfits that include Vin Diesel as Tiny Groot, Bradley Cooper as Rocket, Zoe Saldana as Gamora, and Dave Bautista as Drax and not forget Chris Pratt as Peter Quil.

The first look “Guardians of Galaxy vol.2” first dropped on Twitter by James gun that unveiled 5 May 2017 as the releasing date while the first teaser trailer has tagged with stamps of Daily News and wrapped up in one and half minute.

As the first teaser opted out, the film is featuring some fleeting glimpse of fan favorite Vin Diesel, well done the first installment for this film franchise and now he will again reprise his tree-like character in second volume next year.

Just like previous flick, the next year venture will undergo James Gunn’s direction although his first blockbuster production “Guardians of Galaxy” struck gold on box office and reportedly grabbed $ 773 million dollars that is almost three times the budget of flick.