Halloween Hayride In Mississippi Turns Fatal, 1 Adult and 2 Children Killed Along With Several Wounded


The Halloween hayride in Newton County turns deadly when a vehicle hit a flatbed truck outside Meridian, the incident carried out the killings of three people who are enjoying classic Halloween hayride tradition in rural Mississippi.


Three people killed when a small town of 325 trucked into the crook of Chunky River outside Meridian in east of Jackson in Mississippi on last night of October, three people that has been killed included a children and two adults while there are several reportedly injured accidentally at Halloween hayride.

The fatal incident happened to a small town in Chunky Mississippi, 80 miles away from east of Jackson.

However, investigation has launched to probe out the cause of incident, according to Mississippi highway Patrol official a long vehicle struck with flatbed trailer which was being towed by victims near Chunky in Newton County.

Kids and parents who were donning Halloween costumes piled onto the back of hay-line flat bed trailer that was towed by a jeep.

The jeep was traveling on Highway 80 through the rural town then the happiest night took a tragic turn that killed a child and two adults while there reportedly multiple suffering from life threatened injuries.

The happiest night took a tragic turn at about 7:45 p.m. of Central Time however, the root cause of crash still unclear and Highway Patrol haven’t made a single arrest.

But after a wee hour of crash, two helicopters and several rescue ambulances rushed at the scene and shifted wounded people to three different area hospitals but the doctors told they are suffering from “life threatening” injuries.

Two of the killed people died at the scene and the third one died while ambulances are waiting for helicopter.