Heavy Metal Music Band Metallica Is All Set To Launch Latest Album in 2016


After a huge gap of eight year, the band Metallica came out with a new 10th album, the last hit Album of Metallica Death Magnetic got highest fame in 2008.


Metallica known for its heavy metal music that related from America, however the band is not latest because of the reason that the band formed in 1981, Metallica includes legendary musicians, the first one is James Alan Hetfield.

Who is known as a singer as well as a songwriter also, firstly he also well-known for the co-founder of heavy metal Band Metallica, the second musician in the band is Lars Ulrich, he a very well known drummer worked in Metallica.

The third one member is guitarist named Kirk Hammett, he has a dual personality as musician because he is a guitarist but also a specialty of songwriting, before joining Metallica he worked for Exodus band.

The last one member of the heavy metal music group is Robert Trujillo who is the current bassist of the Famous and cool band.

The legendary musicians are all set to launch their newer album after a long time period will recorded at Bataclan, one of the member of the band confirmed the news that they are launching there next album ‘pretty close’ to be finished.

The heavy metal band also announced their live concert in New York City; they reflect their views that the songs of their album for Paris attack victims.

The CD of their album entitled with a French national motto, “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite, Metallica!, the feature album contains nine songs that recorded at Bataclan by Band.

Metallica Band said a statement about the release of new album that, they release their album may be this year or may be the early of next.