Heavy Rains Causes Traffic to Standstill, Flood Warning Issue in Sharjah


Abu Dhabi: heavy rain devastated all system of routine life in UAE all traffic took a standstill weather experts also issued flood warning in Sharjah but in many cities climate changed in normal condition.


Furious rain increased lot of problems for municipal authorities in United Arab Emirates all system of life and traffic paralyzed in result of stormy weather.

All private schools and business places were on a standstill in the most of last morning but still ever one waiting about seeing normal conditions, weather experts imposed flood warning in Sharjah.

Big entertainment and business city named Dubai is facing very serious condition in result of heavy rain because all local roads presented scene of river valleys.

Authorities gave orders to all public about emergency stay in their houses along with children; rain also stopped everything in all states of UAE and Sharjah is on top who suffered huge loss in shape of flood caution.

Roof of Abu Dhabi airport struck on many places in result of stormy rain and rescue operation continues for recovery of that happen but showers rain did not see anything with increasing loss of public property. Security forces included Dubai police gave many precautions in which they advised when complete rain never stopped anyone do not cross gorge.

All private and international flights cancelled by flying authorities in result of stormy weather in United Arab Emirates in which Municipal authorities highlighted big city named Sharjah about risk of heavy flood would be come and destroyed everything in upcoming days but in many cities weather comes on normal conditions.

The best thing is that UAE is one of the driest countries in whole world because that Kingdom also faced lot of heat in almost 8 to 9 months but now, heavy rain completed the necessity of people about rain.