Heavy Saudi Rain Causes Thousands of Emergency Calls, 13 Died


Disaster and Crisis Management Center in Saudi Arabia has received more than 6,392 emergency calls all over the country from Thursday to Sunday as heavy rainfall hit its largest regions.


However, Civil Defense spokesman Brigadier Abdullah al-Harthi told media that about 13 fatalities in country in the result of heavy rains though two residents remained till to Sunday.

Al-Harthi also explained the heavy rainfall left numerous people stuck inside their residences and almost 681 people were initially rescued and rushed to safe places.

On the other side, Saudi authorities have declared on Monday new warnings of heavy rainfall which probably will start during the day.

Abdullah al-Misned who is head of the committee tracking torrential rainfall, said that Saudi people should prepare themselves to tackle upcoming rains which predicted to be in coming two days and thunder and very cold conditions will be appeared in Saudi Arabia.

Ministry of Education department in Saudi Arabia, announced a decree that with fear of upcoming disaster in country, has decided to shut down all institutes as well as government schools in Riyadh city on Wednesday because of stormy weather.

The spokesman of the ministry, Mubarak Al-Osaimi described the authorities decided to close all education centers aimed safety of students as well by considering the forecast of the Presidency of Meteorology and the Environment (PME) revelation.

While Islamic University’s Imam Muhammad Bin Saud also has announced suspension of classes at the institutes’ main campus and science institutes following the prediction from Meteorology and the Environment of heavy rain in especially capital of Suadi Arabia.

Previous session of raining in the country left thousands of people disturbed as they trapped in their own residences as well some of the persons couldn’t release themselves from vehicles on roads as surrounded by waterlogged in streets in a number of regions of the nation.