Heavy Snow and Tornado Killed 5 People in America, Millions People Could Be Damaged


Washington: in those days, severe snow storm is coming in US, almost five people killed in result of that and millions could be injured, eastern states may get lot of disturbance.


According to a news report, almost five people executed due to snow gale in United States and maybe millions could be harmed in upcoming days. National weather service told that type of storm may distress mostly eastern regions.

Almost 4500 flights cancelled in result of heavy snow falling and gave red signal to people for the purpose of making many suitable precautions. Every year millions American took lot of loss due to that storm. Last year, many were martyred and thousands got serious injuries in US.

Meteorological Department also gave alert about snow storm in many cities then, mayor of Washington imposed emergency for 15 days in whole state. All rescue teams took serious orders about safety of people in upcoming days. Due to these serious conditions lot of American purchased essential commodities for upcoming days.

The best thing is that two days ago big snow storm was come in Washington in which many people got injuries and traffic system destroyed in result of that high authorities requested for forgiveness in front of people. According to a report, flying snow and wind is expected to create lot of problems in upcoming days.

Managerial authorities also try to make suitable ways for the purpose of controlling upcoming problems in result of heavy snow storm. People of America also took some safety steps in shape of purchasing essential commodities and food for next fifteen days.

North Carolina, Pennsylvania Maryland and Virginia’s governors also imposed emergency conditions in their states for the purpose of decreasing ratio of loss due to snow storm and wind in upcoming days along with other regions in America.