Henry Cavill is coming back soon in Action as Superman in Warner Bros Man Of Steel 2


It seems like that the era of super heroes had come back again the Hollywood industry as different production companies are putting their full attentions towards the Super Heroes and with all of these Man of Steel is also returning back in action.


As now the public really loves those movies which involves super heroes after the huge success of Suicide Squad and this film done a business 135 million dollars in the first opening week after seeing this huge amount of success of Suicide Squad now Warner Bros is planning to create a sequel of Superman Man Of Steel.

This Man of Steel was released in 2013 and this film is very much loved the even the new face of Superman who is Henry Cavill is very much loved by the public and now is the Clark Kent of Modern age not in the Man Of Steel Henry Cavill also plays the role of Superman in the latest film of DC creation Batman vs. Superman: The Dawn Of Justice.

This film is totally opposite to the concept of Justice League in which these two Super Heroes are brothers in arms of each other and face every problem each other but now it is time for when Cavill is again going to wear the dress of Superman and comes in action.

Till now only the Warner Brose are working on the sequel of man of Steel and it is confirmed that Henry Cavill is the only men who is going to play the Role of Superman.

As no other person is capable for this role and soon the making of Man Of Steel 2 will be started until than public will enjoy the other Super Heroes film as these is number of films are going to release next year having Super Heroes in them.