Hillary Clinton Beats Bernie Sanders in South Carolina Primary Election


Finally Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has shown its power as uncounted supporters voted her ignoring her competitor Bernie Sanders in South Carolina Democratic primary on Saturday.


Hillary Clinton is flying in the air after discovering unexpected results by the supporters who favored giving votes, named her second crucial victory in a week heading into Super Tuesday.

Hillary greeted her supporters warmly as well said all thanks for their huge support at the volleyball court in the University of South Carolina, adding, “Tomorrow, this campaign goes national,”.

The wife of the 42nd President of the United States focused on GOP frontrunner Donald Trump during her speech, saying she were already the candidate making a general election ground as people showed her huge trust in her campaign.

Latest win in South Carolina Democratic primary on Saturday makes stronger to Hillary Clinton even showed a hope that she can make it all name the title of next president of United States.

She said during her speech to large crowd at the volleyball court in the University of South Carolina, “We don’t need to make America great again. America never stopped being great,”

Hillary added there is no need to build more walls as well building to lift up the name of America even need to demolish the barriers which trying to stop America being great.

She has enormous passion to work for his compatriots also nation, quoted some words from Bible requested God more and more love and kindness as she is on way to win American presidency.

Hillary’s victory has fainted vision of her contender Bernie Sanders but despite broken heart, the rival appreciated her advancing to presidency even her passionate movement, making disturb his rival, though she is still receiving huge praise for hard struggles all over the world South Carolina.