Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign: Kate Perry, Madonna Run Naked Campaign To Appeal Voters


The singer and song writer Madonna follows the foots steps of pop singer and song writer Kate Perry to gear up the presidential campaign to urge people to vote Hillary Clinton for Presidential race by posting nude photo on Wednesday morning.


The fever of US Presidency not only the headache of Republican Presidential nominees like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

But also the headache for the supporters as well, the supporters of Hillary Clinton choose a different and vulgar way to attract the voters to vote for Hillary although Hillary Clinton is much better choice than Donald Trump but this type of campaign is not acceptable.

The pop singer and song writer Madonna Louise Ciccone although impressed the fans by her dancing and singing profession but this time Madonna choose another way to urg her fans to gear up presidential campaign by posting nude selfie on Instagram.

The root cause to post topless nude selfie is only to campaign for Hillary Clinton, on Wednesday morning the 58-years old musician share nude selfie only wearing assortment of necklaces.

In less than forty minute of posting viral nude selfie Madonna has received 12,000 likes from supporters, the nude campaign individual Madonna wrote on snapshot that she is living for Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and she is well known of what she has done, she vote for intelligence as well as for the freedom of minorities and women.

Madonna follow the foots steps of Kate Perry who first starts the nude campaign by posting a video in which she tore his shirt and appeal voters to vote for Hillary Clinton, The video was uploaded on Twitter to appeal from American people.

Recently, Hillary Clinton knocks down the Donald Trump in a Presidential debate.