Hillary Clinton Stands Against Donald J. Trump On Immigrants Issue


Now the Nominee of Presidential Election 2016 of Democratic Party Hillary Clinton is in the ground to battle with Nominee of Republican Party Donald J. Trump and she passes a statement against the plans of Donald J. Trump.


The first female nominee for presidential election in the history of United States Hillary Clinton while giving an interview to Anderson Cooper on CNN at 24 August 2016, when she was asked about the statements given by Donald j. Trump against the immigrants she replies that,

“We need to believe Donald Trump when he bullies and threatens to throw out every immigrant in the country.”

The critics take this statement of Hillary Clinton as a false statement as the point given by the supporters of Donald J. Trump is that he is not against the all immigrants he just wants to make his city clean and neat from all types of bad elements.

The basic point of Republican Party Nominee is that he want to deport all those 11 million illegal immigrants which are living in the United States and effect the county economy as they are using all the facilities but not paying the taxes as the government have no record of these illegal immigrants.
Hillary Clinton tweets that

In this tweet she rewind the past and said that in year 2015 Republican Party Nominee Donald j. Trump started a same campaign against the immigrants and them as rapist and criminals in the speech of 16 June 2016 Trump attack on all the immigrants by saying this that these men which have been send by Mexico are not its best Mexico is sending criminals and Rapists.

After this when media painted Donald J. Trump as an extremist and the man who is against the other people who are living in United States by obeying all the rules and he blame those immigrants that Trump 3 weeks later clarify his statement and said that his statement is taken wrong his meaning was that the men came from Mexico are mostly involved in these cases.