Holland’s Queen Maxima Reached in Pakistan on Official Visit


Islamabad: Queen of Holland and UN Secretary General Maxima will pay her three days visit in Pakistan from 9 to 11 February 2016 during her stay she expected to meet with President, Prime Minister and other senior government authorities.


According to a news report, first time in history, Queen of Holland and Special Advocate for wide-ranging investments queen Maxima reached in Pakistan for the purpose of discussing the all problems relating to economy and finance development, she will make her three days official stay starts from Tuesday.

During her visit in Pakistan, Maxima will make some special meetings with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and President Mamnoon Hussain and many other government authorities and stakeholders who introduced world market competitions about economy.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif also met with UN Secretary General Maxima in 2016 during a worldwide economic forum held in Davos. Queen also bringing some big aims for increasing foreign trade concepts in individuals and other organizations at a rational cost and may be some new welfare about economy introduced by Netherlands royal.

Special advocate queen Maxima introduced many partnerships along with stakeholders on global basis for increasing the concept of leaderships and strengthen working system in business sectors for getting actual positive results of financial insertion.

In those days, Pakistan is working to reduce his imports and promoted exports for stabling the currency and dollar rate for redeemable foreign exchange.

Recently, Pakistani government made National Financial addition policy for encouraging key objectives about economic struggles for getting financial inclusion for the help of public cooperation now.

Authorities also decreased the prices of natural oil in result of that step all other products’ prices will be go down and inflation reduced, Holland’s queen Maxima received special invitation gift presented by Marvi Memon along with other officials in Islamabad Airport.