Hot Air Balloon Crashes In Texas, 16 People Dead,1 Injured


TEXAS: A hot air balloon crash in a beautiful morning on Saturday this hot air balloon collides with the main power lines and start burring in result of this crash 16 people died and no one is injured.


As Americans are really fun loving and chilling personalities the love to spend their week end in a very enjoyable manner in this way a group of 16 Americans decided to fly in a hot air balloon on Saturday morning.

And this group successfully full fills its plain this group rides in the balloon and almost for 40 minutes they stay in the air but the ending of this joyful trip is not like usual happy ending when this Hot Air Balloon is coming down towards the land than it crashed in to the main power lines of that areas.

In result of this accident this balloon caught fire and the whole bucket of this balloon stared burring along the bucket the riders of this hot air balloon burned and died along with the bucket not even a single person is injured or survived all the 16 Americans are dead.

This horrible life taking attack accident takes place in the morning at 7:30 A.M in the pasture lands near Lockhart as Lockhart is on the distance of 30 miles from the south portion of Austin.

According to a lady witness who is walking in that fields said that instantly she heard a noise of blast and when she look around there is a big hot air balloon which is which is set on fire and coming down towards that land.

As hot air balloons are very explosive the use hot gases to fly and made of very light and explosive material so these balloons set on fire with just a little spark safety level in these balloons is very low.