Houthis Closed Nongovernmental organizations, Arrested Activists in Yemen


Yemen: Houthis authorities have taken the action against dozen nongovernmental groups as banned and randomly arrested so many militants since capturing the capital Sanaa about in end of 2014.

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Human Rights’ High Commissioner from the United Nations office in the Yemen office explained Human Rights Watch that the authorities have shut down about 33 groups of Yemen’s renowned Islamist organization Ansar Allah as well as taken into the all equipments and the assets in Sanaa since the previous September.

When an international non-governmental group Human Rights Watch questioned activists from the four Sanaa-based organizations about their previous acts, replied that the Houthis authorities have closed some groups in this year’s April month, which thought to be linked to the Islah political party that considers totally opposite to Houthis.

The High commissioner’s office released a statement, in which it was mentioned Yemen government has banned the most of these organizations who were working for the Islah political party for years as they were trying to raise terrorism in Yemen.

However, on the other hand, the Deputy Middle East director, Mr. Joe Stork described that the Houthis government advance came when it was examined that the organizations have been raising extremism in Yemen, hence to overcome the disturbing condition authorities launched strict actions against the activists.

On the other hand, the opposition parties are declaring the Houthis’ that actions illegal as well brutal the way they closing down the groups.

The Human Rights Watch has called for that the banning of nongovernmental groups is not a legal act, hence Houthis should give the right these organizations to work freely in country as well  their offices also should pay back those were plundered.

The Houthis should also release the all activists because the basic rights should consider, said Human Rights Watch, the Houthi authorities can perform suitable measures to tackle security concerns in armed clash in the country.