How To Choose Ideal Haircut For Different Face Shapes, To Look Beautiful in 2016


Different haircuts for different faces, one haircut can never suit on different faces because everyone has different face shapes. Mostly girls feel uncomfortable with their haircut, they don’t know which haircut will best suit on their face and cut their hairs as they see others.

Commonly girls have no idea about different haircuts, can totally change your personality and you can look amazing. Here we discuss some haircuts for different face shapes so you can get idea which will suit on your face.

Pixi haircut mostly suit on those people who have small, round shape faces and short height. By taking this haircut your face will look broad and you can easily use long earring. Tops and Jeans will be best suited with this kind of hairstyle.


Long Layers:
Long hairs normally suit on everyone especially on those girls who have long height round face short cuts from the front and long on the back will be best suit on tall girls. With this type of hairstyle you can wear long shirts, short shirts everything will look perfect with Long Layers.


BOB normally suited on those girls who have short height and long face. This haircut given to them so there face can look round and small. Short earrings normally suit on this haircut. You can wear short shirts with Jeans shrugs can also be used in winter so you can look perfect.


Now you have some idea about different haircuts on different face, choose your haircut to look beautiful and not repeat you mistake to get wrong haircut for your face. You should choose haircut which suit best on you not others.