HTC 10, Specifications, Release Date, Price, Rumours


Famous cell phones Company HTC now ready for changing atmosphere by introducing next flagship device like HTC 10 along with new versions of operating system would be take place in market on 21 April.

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Battle about introducing latest android smart phones is on way for last few years which is getting more reputation in result of giant features and slim shapes.

Many big brands still getting much profit resulting smooth work inside the terminals avoided copy structure now; HTC 10 is on waiting list which will be expected to its release in April in whole world that flagship device seems to stitching business market in good figures.

All big Companies alleged with smart phones like Samsung, Nokia and iPhone also worried about seeing increase in market value of HTC products in result of giant systematic revolution but it’s never mind it still growing in corner and fans of that product is on high by enjoying latest features.

HTC 10 now ready for thrilling smart phones market on 21 April along with slashing look.

Roumers about specifications of HTC 10 is that Company produced its pixels 27 MP dual camera, its Processor set hard power 82X with 3.X GHz Octal-core HMP hurricane equipment, 4GB Ram, 64GB / 128GB internal & external memory, Dual sim supported, 3500 mAH battery with no heat dimensions, 5 inches 4K display of files, 2 stereo developed speakers, new and slim design, dust proof and water proof reliable for any surface, heart tempo sensor, mega functional touch scanner.

HTC 10 would be sale out around the price of $650 to $800 in whole world but it’s not officially because clear detail about price will be announce two days before of its release making by Company himself may be that hero product will come with rare prices.