Huawei P9 Releasing Date, Specifications, Price & Design Roumers


Huawei desires to introduce flagship device in next month along with lot of features and everything that users want to use, P9 will make big difference in buying market of Samsung.

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According to latest tech news report, big brand company named Huawei seems to introduce hero product P9 who will make big show along with developed features in competition with Samsung J1 Ace.

Company increased market value of that cell phone by showing dual camera set up making it fast and reliable to all other devices.

Huawei did not tell about the actual release date of upcoming device P9 probably concern with Kirin 955 processor, company also increased an electron chip for establishing high speed of operating system.

Upcoming giant featured 3900 mAH high magnitude battery along with 3 GB Ram, dual high pixel camera powered by undamaged material.

As far as, Huawei P9 will come in April along with HD flash player, high resolution 6.2 inches LCD developed 6 GB Ram facility who make it fast in starting all android applications in competition with other devices.

Live images of P9 leaked on 29 February showing his slim body and attractive look also increased his market reputation in upcoming days.

P9 will come in four beautiful colours in April in whom company tries to produce latest swiping technology, good resolution over P8 and 13 MP back camera.

A senior official of Huawei brands told that we shall produce that smart phones series in future because our last device named P8 gave us lot of confidence about programs.

The best thing is that first time Huawei introduced 64 GB internal memory in P9 which will be launched in April 2016 only for 900 US dollars that is suggested price but final commitment about commencing date or price is still pending by makers.