Hundreds Of Buddhists Protest Against United Nation For His Role In Rohingya Commission


Myanmar: Hundreds of People in Sittwe protest against the ex Secretary General of United National Kofi Annan for the solution of conflict between Buddhists and Muslims in Rohingya on advisory commission.


in Myanmar more than thousand people of Buddhists religion railed and protest against the ex Secretary General of United Nation on his arrival in their country as advisory commission was made the UN to solve the conflict between Buddhists and Muslims for the last one to two years as this South East country of South Asia set up a commission previous month as to find the solution of Protracted Issues.

In this country where many human right societies have large quantity of documents prevalent abuses between Government people of the country which are majority Buddhists and Muslim of this country because these are minority.

So protest is conducted by leading party of this country Arakan National Party as they protest 300 meters away from the airport of Rakhine Capital because on this place ex Secretary General Kofi Annan with other members of Advisory Commission arrived in this country, As the car of Kofi passed from these people they shouted against him asking that they are not accepting.

They further asked that they all gathered here because they not want any foreigner came in this county because they don’t about this advisory commission and about this group so they came here to protest against the arrival of these people in this country. They also claimed they would not like that these people talk about their country.

As it is reported that Buddhists in this country believe that all Bangladeshis living in this country is illegal so hundred of Rohingya people killed in this matter so this advisory group will have to address with all human rights commission.