Hurricane Matthew Followed A Destructive Path Of Towards Us, Leaving 11 Dead In Haiti


The most powerful Caribbean Hurricane Matthew passed through a destructive path in Haiti in nearly a decade, the harsh winds and destructive storm has displaced 11 people to dead and now the Hurricane roared towards United States.


The Hurricane Matthew is roaring towards the southern Bahamas early on Wednesday, passing over Cuba where it leaves the widespread destruction in Haiti which includes the deaths of 11 people.

Although the Hurricane Matthew would not likely to be strike on another day in United States but the devastating impact on Haiti has threatened the people, suspecting there is a chance to hit again.

The most powerful Hurricane Matthew (Atlantic tropical storm) roared almost in decade while the next target of the powerful Atlantic tropical storm aimed to Bahamas early on Wednesday.

The situation of destruction by Hurricane can be drawn; the flooded street unable the street members while the combination of wild wind and Hurricane has flattened the homes in Haiti.

Four states of United States has declared the state of emergency as forecasters has predicted it can harm South Carolina, Florida’s Atlantic Coast later this week however, the millions of coastal residents has received a warning from the state officials to be ready for Atlantic tropical storm as the powerful category 3 Hurricane Matthew slowly switch at 8mph with 125-mph winds.

The forecaster has confirmed the name of possible affected states listed as South Carolina, North Carolina, East Coast including Florida, the harsh category storm predicted to hit between Thursday evening and Saturday.

The Hurricane Matthew storm hit Haiti with sustained wind of 140 mph on Tuesday morning nearly 7 to 8 am, while the destruction carried out by storm including the damage of communication in Whole Island and flattened most of the residencies.