In America, 200 Muslim Workers Terminated Their Jobs Due To Praying Nimaz


Colorado: Almost 200 Muslim employees were gone in Mosque for the purpose of praying Nimaz in result of that all of these finished their employment on basis of religious hate.


According to a news report, in those days, all Muslim community is facing many problems about religious freedom in America and other Europe states. Last Friday, a big incident occurred when 200 workers of a meat factory went in to Mosque for offering pray of Friday then owners of that industrial unit finished their jobs.

Another report told that all Muslim workers did not follow the all rules and regulations of that company and owners have not any religious disgust against any community. Factory also gave the time for completing all other activities to employees.

All workers say in front of media, when all Muslims to the Mosque for the purpose of praying Nimaz after that we come back for their work then, management did not open the door because they terminated jobs from factory.

Recently, many protesters occurred on the roads and attacked on a beautiful Mosque in which they burned many parts of Holy Quran in big state of Europe named France now, Muslims are facing religious and economical problems in America.

Many Muslim foundations were made a big protest in front of Government for the purpose of getting all suitable rights of employment and in religious matters. The best thing is that all management of meat factory ignored the blame of protesters.

In whole world mostly in Europe, all people who have faith on one God and on the major religious book named Holy Quran, they also faced problems from local people and Government because they do not want to see Muslims in their country but any one never try to decrease hate against that particular community.