In Belgium 3 Men Arrested After Raid Under Charges Of Terrorism


In Brussels three men are charged under the charges of terrorism. Police raid different houses in search of these terrorist overnight on Saturday with proper palming in result of these raids police successfully able to caught 12 persons.


In theses 12 persons 9 are released on that night after investigation they are declared innocent by judge but other 3 are in hard restrictions as these three the terrorist and accepted that they are involved in different terrorist activities.

Police was after these terrorist from last three months when a suicide bomb blast takes place in Brussels and in result of this suicide attack 32 people have lost their lives.

After this attack police search many areas and raid on many houses in search of these terrorist but remains unsuccessful. On Saturday night police arrested 12 men under the chargers of terrorism from these 12 men 9 are proved innocent but 3 are terrorist and also involved in the planning of Brussels suicide bomb attack.

These three terrorist are Belgian nationals and these are Moustapha who is 40 years old other is Samir who is 27 years old and last one is Jawab B he is 29 years old.

Police is very active now a day in Belgium and France as on Saturday afternoon there was a match of soccer between Belgium and Ireland which is the part of Euro 2016 soccer tournament.

On Saturday, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel was in a meeting with government’s security council and in that meeting ministers of defense, home affairs and justice and minister of foreign affairs are includes the talked a lot on security issues but at the end the decide that they provides extra security but can’t delay the match.

The said that is terrorist attacks on the match there target was audience seats so in that case government provides extra security.