In Congress Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff Loss Pivotal Impeachment Vote


On Sunday Evening Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff had lost a crucial vote in congress however President Dilma Rousseff comfortably obtained the votes of two- third majority out of 513 members.


Dilma Rousseff who served her life as a Brazilian economist and later on served herself as a politician, she become the 36th president of Brazil. On the politics she previously works for Chief of Staff of president who had been in power since 2005 to 2010.

Early in 2002, Rousseff attached with a committee who is responsible for the energy policy although after fewer time he elected as a Minister of Energy. Dilma Rousseff was announced the president of Brazil in January 2011.

Dilma Rousseff needed only 172 votes out of the whole of 513 to derail but she was not able to obtain from the supporters as well as protesters, outside the congress there were a large number of protester who demonstrated outside but now the case goes to the Senate who has to approve whether she goes forward or not however the process is unfold, public forced Dilma to step down from her post.

Senate has to decide her post, if there are two-third votes are in support she will go forward else the senate will remove her and current vice president Michel Temer will take the President post.

In a survey about the Dilma Rousseff government, there are about 63 percent of the people who gave her government a terrible rating but around 61 percent of the public think that she would have to remove.

According to polling firm Datafolha while there are only a fewer voter around 58 percent who favored the Vice President Temer Impeachment because he also included in the budget process however this is all on Supreme Court Judge.