In Result of 3 Tropical Storms in Tokyo, 1 Dead, Many Flights Train Services Canceled


Tokyo is on the hit list of nature as three several Tropical Storms Typhoon Kompasu, Typhoon Mindulle and Typhoon Lionrockare hitting this most populous country of world one by one, 1 person is dead as many flights are canceled.


Typhoon Mindulle earlier of Monday shows his full force to Tokyo and in result of this first tropical storm land slide takes place but in this land slide not even a single person is dead from last two days Typhoon Mindulle is wandering about in Tokyo and continuous rain fall takes place in different regions of Tokyo.

Only person is found dead in who died because of this Tropical storm and the age of this dead man is 42 and his dead body was found on the corner of flooded road in City Kitami situated in province Hokkaido and his dead body is found as there is abundant of cars placed there by the flood.

Many flights and train services are closed after this Typhoon Mindulle as there are not suitable conditions for vehicles to run on roads or fly in air as this tropical storm is roaring all over in Tokyo along with this Typhoon Kompasu came with strong wind and huge amount of rain.

Due to these two tropical storms landslides and floods takes place in different regions of Tokyo as the top speed of wind blowing is 180 Kilometers per hour or 110 miles per hour due to all these issue 380 flights are canceled as plains are unable to fly in these such conditions and 105 local train expresses are canceled due to flood.

The expected amount of rain fall in some of the most populous regions of Tokyo is more than 15 inches in next 24 hours along with these two storms Typhoon Lionrockare is also coming to join these Tropical Storms on Thursday.