In Result Of Firing 3 People Killed 2 Injured In US State Maryland


Three people had lost their lives and two are badly injured in the result of firing at a state in America Maryland on Friday according to the police.


According The Prince George’s County Police Department the incident of this firing is a sudden incident as Maryland is a very peace and calm state no one even imagines that this type of terrorist activity will take place in Maryland.

This terrorist activity is attempted in District Heights which is 10 miles away from Washington D.C round about at 9:35 pm according to the local time 3 dead bodies were found from there.

In further investigation this case turns on another side this firing is not a terrorist activity this firing is done by a mother on her daughter but since now it was not cleared that why she done this.

That mother opened the fire and successfully killed her both daughter in the result of this firing 2 other persons were injured after that police of District Heights appears on the scene first police tries its best to arrest the mother alive but then mother was not obeying the instructions of police offices and also tries to kill those officers.

After all that police opened her fires and kill that lady in this way three dead bodies are found from the murder scene and investigation is still going on that why a mother killed her 2 adult daughters.

On the other side two injured people are transferred to the nearest hospital by police. Police is also investigating these two injured people.

The spokesperson of Prince George’s County Police Department said that one of these injured people is in serious condition but there are chances that he can survive and the other injured person is out of danger.