In Syria 17 Civilians, 8 Children Died In Air Strike On First Day Of Ramadan


In Syria an several air strikes were made on a market and in result of these air strikes 8 children including 17 civilians were killed and many of civilians were injured badly.


Till now there no is exact figure that how many are injured in this air strike and the figure of dead people is also not confirmed and these figures are just estimated figures.

These air strikes were done on a small town in Syria called Al-Shari, it is in the eastern corner of Syria according to the resources Syrian intelligence says that these attacks were made by Russians but it was not confirmed yet that the aircraft used in the attack was Russian aircraft or Syrian aircraft.

The military leadership of Russian Federation in the Syrian government known as Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) proved that the allegation of these air strikes on Russian government are all false this time there is no fault of Russian government in these air strikes so don’t try to make Russian government fells guilty this time Russian government is innocent.

According to the Human Rights organization in Syria this air strike was made on the first day of Muslims Holy month Ramadan and everyone in the market was busy in the shopping of Ramadan as this month have a lot of value in front of Muslims as compare o other months that’s why Muslims celebrate this month with a great pleasure and efforts.

That’s the reason why everyone was in market and shopping for Ramadan, at that time when market was fully crowded air strikes were performed and the number of dead people was increased and there are no exact figures of wounded persons but it was saying that 17 civilians and 8 Children were dead.