India And Vietnam Signed 12 Agreements To Strength Up Their Ties With Each Other


HANOI: India and Vietnam are on their way to strength up their foreign relationship in way on September 03, 2016 a list of 12 agreements is signed between these 2 countries.


September 03 is the day when India and Vietnam both countries stepped forward to strengthen up their relationship for the sake of this benefit both countries signed 12 agreement based on different issues these agreements are signed in Hanoi the capital city of Vietnam.

These agreements are signed between the President of India Narendra Modi and the president of Vietnam Nguyen Xuan Phuc, these agreements are based on different types of contracts such as defense issues, IT progress, Space Programs, Double Taxation on trade, sharing the shipping technology as well as the techniques of building speed boats, sharing ports of both cities, sharing navy information.

These agreements are signed very carefully as according to these 12 agreements both countries have a lot of benefits such as in present era India is putting great effort to make its IT technology one of the world best technologies and for the sake of this India signed a contract to share the IT information.

On the other side the Vietnam is in the state that it wants to improve its navel force that’s why Vietnam demands that India will built fast petrol speeds boats for the country and share the other navel information along with this both countries will share the boats building techniques.

This agreement signing also strength the economy of both countries as these is an agreement of Double Taxation through with both countries will pay trading taxes to each other and also import or export material goods.

Previous India also Sigh 2 agreements with United States in which India will share IT information and both countries work with each other on defense or military bases.