India Arrests Six Jihadists For Allegedly Planning For A Blast In Territory


India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) has busted six Islamic states’ inspired men on Sunday allegedly for planning a serious blast in public place as well as the Jihadists linked with Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.


The investigation agency of India (NIA) has reportedly arrested the six particulars for planning a crucial bomb blast in a rushed public place on Sunday (2 October),

The officials has revealed it is believed the persons is inspired by some Islamic state allegedly Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the group is suspected for planning for the attack at Hindu’s festival Diwali.

The group of six Islamic state inspired persons is arrested on Sunday from a south Indian state of Kerala for planning for a grand festival of Diwali although a great number of Indian people are fighting with Islamic State of Syria and Iraq as firstly the Indian state is affiliated inside the country.

According to a rough estimate, earlier this year of 2016, round about 22 people reportedly missed from the south Indian state of Kerala and later due to some news the these peoples believed that they joined the Jihadist group of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

The Indian’s National Intelligence Agency (NIA) has expressed their views by saying, according to the information received some of the youth of Tamil Nadu and south Indian state Kerala along with accomplices has entered in Jihadist group of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria to commit the explosive material in the different locations in India.

The statement released by Indian’s National Intelligence Agency, the search operation has raided at hilltop in Kerala from where six members of Jihadist has been arrested on 2 October.

However, the explosive material like incriminating material along with electronic devices were found there.