India Begins Preparation to Create Hydrogen Bombs


India has set all to launch preparation to create Hydrogen bombs and for this, has created a secret atomic city in southern Karnataka, According to an American news agency.


The laborers started suddenly digging of in southern state Karanataka of India in 2010 and the act made shocked villagers of Lambani tribe who didn’t have an idea what’s going on in their land.

Indian government always prefer the violence to create its supremacy even in race of domination, has been using weapons to maintain its ruling passionately and hence fueling it’s another advance to create Hydrogen bombs’ plant which was said to be atomic city, American magazine Foreign Policy revealed.

The magazine has claimed that the construction of the atomic city is being done in southern Karnataka state, the aim of this city is discovering enriched Uranium which will be helpful in construction of Hydrogen bombs.

The project was started in Challakere city situated in Chitradurga district in 2012, while the Indian government wants complete the project till 2017. If reports are to be believed the project is being controlled from prime minister directly though two secret agencies have been keeping an eye on the construction of atomic city.

However, analysts has been revealing in reports that success in this project will raise the atomic capabilities of India and that thing will be extremely headache for neighboring China and Pakistan.

The report of American magazine Foreign Policy has no concern to the US Government as well Indian while just based on statement of some unnamed retired government officials and other.

When it comes to take a review of India’s previous creations, the country has constructed between 90 and 110 nuclear weapons while its neighbor Pakistan has designed about 120 fatal kind bombs, a latest study from the independent Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

Nevertheless, Pakistan and India have huge tensions just because of Kashmir issue and some border conflicts.