India, If Pakistan Wants Initiate Dialogue First Investigate Pathankot Attack


Indian Minister of External Affairs Waqas Saroop talked in press conference in New Delhi that till now no date has been fixed of imitate dialogue with Pakistan and till now Indian Ministers have not decided.


That when sit with Pakistan for dialogue and they don’t even have decided a date on which the Ministers of India and Ministers Pakistan sit together and start their dialogue.

Further Waqas Saroop said the rumors spread all over the world that Indian Foreign Secretaries are doing backdoor meetings with Pakistani Foreign Secretaries to select any date for negotiations all these news are false statements there is no such thing was going on.

Indian Minister Waqas Saroop clearly said that India was actually waiting for the investigation on that elements involved in Pathankot attack those elements exist in Pakistan and India has given all the proofs to Pakistani Government that these elements are actually in Pakistan.

India is hoping that Pakistan sticks to its promise and take strong action on these elements. India has never stepped backed from dialogue.

but it was in Pakistan’s hand that they have to fulfill their promise and create a proper environment for dialogue than India will definitely sits with Pakistan in dialogue said by Waqas Saroop.

Later on Waqas Saroop includes that elements involved in Mumbai attack were also in Pakistan. It is test for India to investigate this matter and India was not blind it can clearly see that how much Pakistan was serious in helping Indian agencies for the Investigation of Mumbai Attack.

Indian Defense Minister Monohar Parrikar said in a conference that Pakistan is a fool who thinks that through these terrorist attacks Pakistan can make India a week country, if an attack was done in Kashmir there was a logic in that attack but if an attack was done in Mumbai what does it means?