India Parked More Than 100 Tanks On Border Which Shares With China


BEIJING: Indian defense forces parked 100 tanks on the Border of which India shares with China, this step of India creates an environment of stress in China.


India Parked 100 German based battle tanks on the eastern Ladakh here in eastern Ladakh India Shares Border with China after this step of India world is now assuming that India now preparing for a battle with China as now India again wants to try to conquer some cities of China which are now actually part of China.

It is clear that in 1962 India started a war with China to occupy some of the countries of China but in this war India is not so strong and cannot face China and lose the war badly at that time India becomes a jock in front of that that India is beaten by China as that time China is not so strong.

Now this step of India Indicates China that ready for a war this step of India really changes the atmosphere of China this surely effect the relationship of China with India, as India also wants revenge form China because China don’t supported India for that participation in Nuclear Suppliers Group.

If China Supports India than it is sure short that today India will be the part of Nuclear Suppliers Group but China stands in the support of Pakistan, this step of China really make India aggressive and now India is picking these types of steps.

After this step of India business in China of International level is badly affected because no world is assuming that soon China is going to be the part of War and the money of inverts in China will be drown and many investors cancel their deals with China might be this is the only concern of India to disturb the economy of China.