India Tries To Destabilize Pakistan, Accuses Army Chief General Raheel Sharif


India is against Pakistan-China economic alliance though its primary foreign intelligence agency RAW has been trying to destabilize Pakistan peace as has launched a number of terror attacks in country.


Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif said by addressing a development conference on the impact of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) seeks to ways making weaker Pakistan’s $46 billion project to build an economic corridor to transport goods from China’s western regions through his nation’s deepwater port of Gwadar, General Sharif accused India of interruption in its homeland moves.

The Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan has directly indicated Indian intelligence agency RAW by accusing of obviously involvement in several acts in his nation to destabilize Pakistan peace as well wealth.

He said during addressing, “In this context, I must highlight that India, our immediate neighbor, has openly challenged this development initiative,”

Chief Sharif also said in his continued speech that Pakistan doesn’t allow anyone creating barriers and unrest in any region of the nation because it’s their country and its soldiers know how to kick out and kill enemy who try to interrupt. Hence, Pakistan believes in creation of peace as well focus on cooperation but doesn’t in conflicts and cold war.

On the other side, not any Indian politician and senior leader commented anything so far in wake of Chief Sharif statement which is supposed to be totally and directly against RAW.

Pakistan secret agency claimed previous month to detain a suspected Indian spy belonging RAW in Baluchistan, the southwestern Pakistani province where CPEC’s $46 billion project is one way to build.

Indian secret agents enters in Pakistan with destabilize goals but Pakistan army has been keeping eyes on them those trying to launch wrongdoings in its homeland.