Indian Army Failed To Clear Pathankot Air Base From Terrorists On 3rd Day


New Delhi: Three days back, a group of terrorists entered in famous Indian Air Base named Pathankot and killed 11 but not yet Indian army failed to clear all base from attackers after passing 60 hours.


According to a news report, three days back in Indian province Punjab many terrorists entered in Pathankot Air Base and made a harsh attack on army in which almost ten soldiers and one Leftinent Karnal were died on the spot and 6 attackers killed by troops .

After passing more than 60 hours, Indian army and other security forces failed to finish all terrorists from Pathankot Air Base because almost two aggressors also took hide position in Base and made firing but any report of further loss not presented by Base reporter yet.

All Indian media blamed to Pakistani world famous intelligence agency named ISI for that attack because few days back, Prime Minister Narrendra Modi was come in Lahore for the purpose of attend a big marriage ceremony and terrorists did not want to see together both traditional enemy countries.


Pathankot Air Base attack become doubtful when nearly business markets and other shopping centers were closed early of that night and all hurdles finished by unknown authorities for the purpose of clearing the way of terrorists.

All terrorists were made a big attack on famous Air Base from three different sides in which 11 troops killed on the spot during defense of their camp. The best thing is that two or three attackers also have safe position and all of these try to increase loss of troops and air fixtures.

In those days, all Muslim community is facing many problems in result of Modi’s Government in India and may be, this attack increased doubt for security forces.