Indian Mother Obsessed After Killing Her Own 16 Weeks Child, Body Marked With 17 Wounds


A body of 16 weeks old child discovered from an unused air conditioner as the body was fully covered in a blanket as well as there are 17 prominent wounds on the body of the baby boy.


The dead body of a 16 weeks old baby girl fully covered in a blanket found from inside a unused air conditioner and there are prominent 17 wounds on the body of that baby girl which shows that how much pain was experienced by that baby girl before death.

When the investigation was started that who killed this baby girl than after the result report the whole investigation team was shocked that the mother of this baby girl killed her own child, this incident takes place in Rajasthan a state of India and in this state there is a very bad trend that the families demand only male child.

The 35 years old lady Goyal is the mother who killed her own child as the demand of the mother was that she wants a baby male not a female as she is the mother of a 8 years old girl and she wants that her second child must be a male.

Goyal told that for the sake of this male child she even considered in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and surrogacy to ensure that her upcoming child is a male on the other side she performs many religious rituals to please the Gods and she demanded only one thing a male baby child.

In investigation Goyal told that she use a regular kitchen knife to kill this baby as she fist cut the throat of the baby than mark the baby with servile wounds and hide the dead body in unused air conditioner and report in police that her baby was missing as the idea of Goyal was that police did not search the house to recover the baby.