Indian National Investigation Agency Accuses Pakistan Killing of Indian Political Leaders


New Delhi: Indian National Investigation Agency has accused of underworld’s Dawood Ibrahim killed Gujrat Bharatiya Janata Party’s two leader at the behest of Pakistan secret news agency.


If reports are to be that a week ago, Indian National Investigation Agency has taken the responsibility of probe the case from the Gujrat police just because of their poor efficiency to find the killers so far.

The agency has also taken into custody a weapons’ supplier which was used in killing of Pragnesh Mistry, general secretary of the Bharuch BJP youth wing, Shirish Bangali, who was also former Bharuch district president of BJP.

The 35-year-old suspected, Nasir Khan Pathan has been living in Surat that previously known as Suryapu, located I Gujrat state, said to be 12th person who considers suspect of the case.

Eleven other already in custody of the Indian police who thought to be part of the killing plot of theses political leaders belonged Bharatiya Janata Party.

The National Investigation Agency the suspected Pathan gave the weapons to Inayat who is already in police custody used killing of the Shirish Bangali that will be submitted in NIA court in Ahmedabad to plea for remand.

On the other hand, the agency wants to send a mutual legal assistance agreement to United States where the world’s biggest web service provider companies as Google and Yahoo have their headquarters.

The NIA wants complete record of arrested people’s communication that has been using social media sources as WhatsApp, Facebook and Viber to keep their conversations secure to the agencies.

When it come NIA’s recent outcome, it was ordered Gujrat based D company’s co-founder Chhota Shakeel to kill the Bharatiya Janata Party’s political leaders and in the response, assigned the responsibility its trustworthy agent Javed Chikna.

The National Investigation Agency has revealed that the killing were carried out at behest of Pakistan’s secret agency ISI who blamed to be has been working to fuel the communal tension in India so far.