Indian PM Narendra Modi’s Visit To Iran For $500 Million Port Deal With Iran Is A Masterstroke


PM Narendra Modi is trying to woo the president of Iran Hassan Rouhani to sign a historic deal of “Chabahar port deal”, Indian PM Narendra Modi earlier revealed that India will operate Chabahar Key port after visit to Iran’s President.


Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi pay a two day visit to Iran to sign a raft of agreement that also include the major agreement of Chabahar port deal, when the Indian PM landed at the capital of Iran, Tehran, Indian Prime Minister has yearning of whether India link with Iran in new era is bilateral ties or just a missed opportunity.

Indian PM signed a raft of agreements with Iran’s President on Monday that include two vital agreements which strongly impact on Afghanistan, China and regional rival and neighbor Pakistan.

These key deals enable India to circumvent the contentious rival and neighbor Pakistan because they established links with the rest of the world by an economic and strategic pathway.

Reports have been unveiled that Pakistan’s neighbor and economic rival India signed almost 12 deals with Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani. Reportedly, India’s government will open a huge line of credit believed to be $ 500 million to develop a key deal of Chabahar Port, this deals considered to be a first foreign to this huge extent.

Chabahar Port will help India to exchange numerous goods with Iran and Afghanistan through sea-land port. As port deal believed to important entrepôt Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has also stepped forward to join the two leaders for agreement of trilateral transmit agreement.

Capital of Iran, Tehran was also the vital key supplier of crude oil to India since 2011-2012, now with establishment of Chabahar Port Iran will find ease to supply with an alternative pathway to India, Afghanistan as well as to Central Asia.