Indian Police Shot Down Eight Militant Of SIMI, Escaped From Bhopal Central Jail


Eight militants suspected to be member of banned extremist group Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), Indian Police opened fires on militants who were escaped from Indian Bhopal Central Jail.


Eight Islamists have been gunned down by Indian police force on Monday; it is believed the escaped prisoners closely linked with Students Islamists Movement of India (SIMI), succeeded in slitting the throat of prison guard.

Bhopal Central Jail authorities have revealed these eight suspected SIMI members was escaped from jail by slitting the throat of prison guard and scaling the walls by roped bed sheets.

The Union Home Minister has taken a serious action and sought fully detailed report from Madhya Pradesh Government. According to Madhya Pradesh Police, the eight members of banned Islamists group later appeared on an outskirts in a city of same state.

Madhya Pradesh Police took resistive action and asked them to surrender and take back into custody but violation of state police’s offers cause their death.

In a brief speaking of Inspector General of Madhya Pradesh Police to AFP, Yogesh Choudhary said, “We asked them to surrender but they tried to break the police cordon,” he also added, “They were unarmed but attempted to attack the police with stones. We had to shoot them.”

After climbing walls of Bhopal Central Jail, the inmate prisoners made their way to a village on foot which is 15 kilometers far away. A massive search launched in neighbor areas to track out escaped prisoners, Police raided in that village as some of the village residents have alerted Police as for their suspicious movement in village.

Indian poor securities on Bhopal Central Jail enable prisoners to breakdown however, four officials have been suspended and inquiry has begun on escape.


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