India’s PM Narendra Modi Wants Peaceful Relationship With Pakistan


Narendra Modi said that India wants peaceful relationship with Pakistan as he doesn’t want any more clashes with Pakistan now he is sick of it but in creating this relationship he always remains vigilant and cautious as India is facing terrorism and this is a very big issue for India.


While talking about terrorism Narendra Modi said that all the terrorists came in India are entered from Pakistan because Pakistan is a training camp for the terrorists when terrorist attack on Mumbai it is cleared in the investigation that those terrorist belongs from Pakistan and when India wants help from Pakistan.

Pakistan don’t fully participated in the investigation and don’t provides the information to India which India wants that’s why India has to stand on its own foots to face this problem of terrorism.

Further in interview Narendra Modi said that there is no clause in it that India wants to create a peaceful relationship with Pakistan but in creating this relationship India don’t shows any flexibility and India knows well how to secure its own means if a relation will be formed than Pakistan has to coordinate and cooperate with India.

India stand straight on what it said therefore in creating a relationship Pakistan has to leave its interests as India is not going to leave its Interests.

Further Narendra Modi includes that why the soldiers standing on the boards are not awarded with free hands that have to give answer of all the moves performed by them because India wants peace.

Further Narendra Modi Said that when India wants negotiations with Pakistan than always there was a red line that India is negotiating with the Pakistani government or with a personality because in Pakistan personalities are stronger than institutes.

Later Narindra Modi Includes that visit of Narindera Modi to Lahore and calls Pakistan’s Prime Minister to India clears the point of India about terrorism in front of the world now the whole world must stands together against the terrorism in India.