Indonesia’s Capital Jakarta Rattled With Many Suicide Attacks & Firing 7 Killed


Jakarta: Capital of Indonesia faced many attacks of harsh bombings and firing incidents on different places in which almost 7 people were died on the spot and 5 attackers also departed from this world.


According to a news report, a group of terrorists attacked on Indonesia’s capital with severe bombings and firing on many public places in which many people martyred and got serious wounds.

Last day, Indonesia took big loss in shape of big terrorist’s attacks in front of foreign consulate and diplomatic offices. Meanwhile, all security forces also tries to get control over all aggressors but they failed at long time fight with that group but finally all attackers killed by security.

Firstly, all terrorists occurred in front of a big shopping center and made bombings in result of that lot of people got serious injuries and almost 7 people died on the spot then, they attacked on many Government and foreign offices but any big loss not mentioned by news reports.

When Terrorists attacked on Jakarta then Indonesian Army got the hold of that city and continued their operation against all attackers and killed 5 in minimum time spending in completion. The best thing is that the reason of that attack still unknown for whole management of that country.

Ministry of Indonesia took big disturbance due to that attack and implement medical emergency in all hospitals and gave all facilities to injured public. Recently, Syria, Turkey and Iran faced many terrorist attacks in which lot of men, women and children departed from this life.

Another news report told Indonesian army killed five attackers and almost 4 arrested and shifted to unknown cells for the purpose of strict investigation. Due to attacks national stock exchange decreased his value but till now, all citizens also frightened and locked up in houses.