Intelligence Agencies Of Pakistan Arrested 13 More Companions Of RAW Agent


Intelligence agencies of Pakistan geared up against all agents of RAW in Country and operation is continued successfully in which at least 13 more accomplices of Indian agency RAW arrested which were include in different incidents.


According to National News agencies it is confirmed that 13 more companions of RAW Agent have been arrested from different places of Pakistan which were include in different incidents in Pakistan as officer of Research and Analysis Wing Kulbhushan Yadav also arrested by Pakistan agency on Sunday and by his reports Pakistan Security agencies were able to find and arrest at least 13 more accomplices of this agent.

It was in reports for last more than couple of years that Indian intelligence Agency RAW is include in different operations in against Pakistan in Pakistan but now Pakistan Security Agencies have speed up the operation against agents of RAW therefore they are able to arrest officer of RAW and by his information they are also arresting many more companions of this man.

According to reports they were involved in Sectarian clashes, target killing, murder and most of all in terrorism therefore they had confidence to do all work so by investigation it is been told by suspect that more than 500 men from their country have been specially trained for all these operations in Pakistan.

They have been included in anti Army sentiments also so it is asked by Pakistan Security agencies that in coming days there are possibilities of more men and agents that would be arrested.

On the other hand, investigation report is also declared by investigation team in which they asked that agent also confessed that they have help of Government too and they also involved in funding of terrorism, sectarian and target killers too.

So according to reports they also involved in sectarian and terrorism attacks in Karachi So they are including in more terrorism in Pakistan’s largest province Baluchistan.