Intense Quake Rattles Indonesia’s Sumatra No Damage Reported


A powerful earth quake of 6.5 magnitudes shook the buildings of Indonesian port city of Padang on Thursday but the immediate report recorded no damage or personnel injury, residential and officials reported.


Intense level earth quake shook the buildings and caused momentary stir but immediate reports has suggested no injury or any kind of damage, the Pacific Tsunami Warning center has not issued warning to alert public.

Intense earth quake of magnitude 6.5 although create a stir in pubic but not caused any kind of damage still, local residencies and official reported.

Indonesia‘s BMK weather agency has said after strong earth quake in Indonesia’s island Sumatra, there has no threat of tsunami. The earth quake has center in South of Padang about 95 miles (155 kilo meters) while the depth of quake recorded is 30 miles (50 kilo meters), the original reports mentioned the intense of quake is magnitude 6.2.

Indonesia suffered from strongest earth quake in his early years but found no damage in recent quake with the help of God they do not undergo earth quake as well as none an injury or any kind of damage reported yet in affected city.

However, the memories of intense undersea quake are still fresh, the 9.15 magnitude undersea quake in Indian Ocean tsunami had killed thousands of people in different countries, officials had revealed that almost 200,000 people dead in deadly intense undersea quake in Tsunami.

A foreign news agency has reported, the recent quake of 6.5 magnitudes created initial panic before twilight and was lasted for not a huge time, quake last for only 30 seconds but it created stir in people and they came out from their home to overcome any kind of unpleasant damage.

People return back to their homes after a wee hour when earth become still completely, there found no human or building damage.