Iphone 7 Headphone Jack Prank Video Revealed Hidden Headphone Jack Has Gone Viral


The latest smart phone iPhone 7 prank video of drilling into the device for the sake of headphone jack has gone viral as many as round of 10 million people watched this prank in which the video liked by 141,186 viewers and disliked by 89,373.


The latest launch of Apple iPhone 7 as liked by millions of people but most of the people claiming for not having headphone jack, the Youtuber uploaded a prank video of drilling a hole of 3.55 mm hole in the bottom of iPhone 7.

Here lot of people asking is the prank is gone right or not? This questioned will get answer at last of the post.

The prank video is uploaded on YouTube by California-based Ukrainian YouTuber named as Taras Maksimuk, in ongoing prank video a man drilled a hole in iPhone 7 to get the headphone jack but have you noticed what happened with the phone.

After drilling iPhone 7 playing playback music but the sound comes from speakers rather than headphone, simply the YouTuber ruins the waterproofing of the beautiful device.

The viewers is excited too much to view and experiment this video that the video has been video viewed by more than 10,710,458 times.

Apparently, you drilled and plug in headphone but seriously it can destroy your phone and not worked, who said the entire world become more intelligent? There are many idiots (lolzz) in the world.

The viewers who liked the video is more than the haters but some people rudely commented on this video on YouTube there we found a experimental viewer who abused badly the prankster and commented:

“F**K you, this broke my brand new iPhone 7, I hope you f*****g burn in the hell, you piece of s**t!!!!!!!!!!”