Iran Ignored Stress Of West Powers About Missile Program


Tehran: Iranian president Hassan Rouhani gave orders about set up of his missile program and pushed back all pressure of United States and world prominent organization named United Nations.


Army chief of Iran Ataollah Salehi gave strict statement in which he said that we are trying to make strong defensive system as all other atom holding countries so, we shall not follow all restrictions imposed by America and United Nations about stop of our missile system and other atomic experiences.

A Government Spokesman told that Iran still dependent about carrying on his developed weapons and other infinitesimal programs. Iranian scientific unit trying to introduce long range missiles near in future but United States and other west powers imposed many limitations about certainty of defensive system.

Another news portal revealed in which Iran should not be able to follow all orders of America and UN before 2020. Recently, Iranian government achieved big success in space programs in shape of launching first crude satellite in to low orbit earth and faced lot of pressure imposed by west powers but they succeeded in their long planed aim.

American official said that Iran broke the rules and regulations of defensive agreement US considering designating many additional targets but Rouhani’s government does not want peace in world because he is working on harsh landmark weapons.

In July, elevate international endorses in switch over for Iran reduction its nuclear experiments in future but UN also able to ask about these programs from Iranian authorities.

Recently, Saudi Arabian government hanged almost 47 people who claimed involvement in all terror activities in Muslim country in which one Iranian Shia religious personality named Nimr-Al-Nimr also killed in result of that hundreds protestors attacked on diplomatic office in Iran, then Saudi and all other bluff countries crashed their political relations to Iran.