Iran Lost Diplomatic Relations With Bahrain & Sudan After Cancellation Of Saudi Arabia


Manama / Khartoum / Berlin: The famous Middle East country named Bahrain and other Islamic country Sudan cancelled all type of ambassadorial relations with Iran after making deletion of heart of Islam Saudi Arabia.


According to a news report, recently in Saudi Arabia, almost 47 terrorists hanged by security forces because they involved in increasing illegal activities in big Islamic state in which an Iranian religious personality named Nimr al-Nimr also took punishment of death.

Few days back, many Iranian protesters made a severe attack on Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic office that held in their country, in result of that big Muslim state cancelled political relations with Iran. After that other states named Bahrain & Sudan also took step toward finished tactful dealings with that country.

Last day, when Government of Bahrain decided to finish all type of political and other relations with Iran then gave order to Iranian diplomat to leave country in next two days. United Arab Emirates also took action against that country and focus on limited dealings.

When protesters burned the Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic office in Iran and security forces did not control to that people in result of that Arabian ministry finished all political relations with that Shia state, now, all other Muslim countries trying to terminate their next of kin.

All Muslim countries presented very bad reaction in result of burning Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic head office in Iran and they all of want peace according to political relations in whole world that’s why they took limited steps toward that country.

Saudi Foreign Minister gave order to all his country’s people about cancellation of all type of Air links with Iran because they already refused to take over all political relations along with Shia state but any positive reply does not give by any political personality of Iran.