Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif Denies Missile Test Breached UN Rules


Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif attended convocation organized in Australian University where he told that we are trying only to produce much defense power not able to break the rules and regulations of United Nations.


United Nations exposed fresh resolution in which Iran negotiated about his nu clear programs because recently, sources told that banned country made successful ballistic missiles for the purpose of showing authenticity in powers against west.

He gave further remarks about UN weapons policy and ignored the blame of negative use of nuclear productions by saying it’s fro defense not relate to any other matter.

The latest experiments of long distance missiles made by Iran also created lot of disturbance among the United Nations’ members but the best thing is that all international powers faced criticism about increasing weapons in banned country.

A big meeting in presence of 15 members led down in security council in which prospects discussed in detail but any way out did not discovered about stoppage of Iran’s aggression.

Recently, United States received threats from North Korea about nu clear blast in result of that forces started military exercises along with South regions and now, Iran took big step by achieving successful experiment in missiles department.

Russia also supported to Iran and said that is not any type of violation because the ordinance resolute 2231.

From last 10 to 15 years, Iran is facing the restrictions about development in economy or other defensive departments and that polices imposed by America and United Nations for the purpose of decreasing terrorism from whole world.

because they blamed to Iran about big attack on World Trade Center popular as 9/11 attacks in which almost 3000 people killed and thousands wounded but the responsibility of that explosion took by militant group named Al-Qaeda.