Iraq 2 Bomb Attack at Baghdad, 23 Killed 60 Injured


At Iraq’s capital Baghdad two bomb attacks takes place these attacks are done on a huge scale to kill maximum number of people and terrorists are successfully achieve their target in these two bomb attack 23 people have lost their lives and 60 people are injured in this terrorist activity.


These suicide bomb attacks takes place at the capital of Baghdad first attack takes place at the central market of Baghdad before the fast breaking time of Muslims everyone is busy in shopping as the time of fast breaking is coming closer and there is a great hustle bustle in the bazaar as Eid is coming closer which is a very precious and holy event of Muslims.

In market some people are doing shopping of Ramadan and many are doing shopping for Eid during all this hustle and bustle a terrorist entered at the market along with his car the car is fully loaded blast material the terrorist parked the car at the center of the market and left it till now it is not confirmed that bomb fixed in the is operated with remote control or that was a time bomb.

In this car bomb attack 20 people are killed in this attack and 40 people are injured in this car bomb attack after some time of this car bomb attack another bomb attack take place at the trade market of Baghdad.

where everyone is doing its trade as the time is runny short no one notice that terrorists are entered at the market and they fixed a bomb at the central area of the trade market in this attack 3 persons were killed and 21 are injured.

The investigation is still going on and till now no new report comes at lime light.