Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. Replaced By 15 Years Old Black Girl Riri Williams


Actor Robert Downey Jr. famous as Iron Man he is the man who puts the Iron Man series into a money making Franchise Actor Robert Downey Jr. acts as Iron Man in all the Iron Man Series.

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Also in Avengers and in Avengers Age of Ultron as well as in Captain America Civil War and now he working on the project which is the sequel of Captain America Civil War known as Captain America Civil War 2.

Captain America Civil War 2 is the last project of Actor Robert Downey Jr. as now he is retired from Iron Man the writer and creator of Iron Man Brian Michael Bendis replaces Robert Downey Jr. from the seat of Tony Stark and introducing a new 15 years black girl as Iron Man in his upcoming comic series of Iron Man.

Brian Michael Bendis said that now Robert Downey is retiring and leaving the suit of Iron Man in the sequel of Caption America Civil War is his last appearance of Robert Downey as Iron Man now a 15 years girl Riri Williams going to overtake the Iron Man.

This 15 years old girl Riri Williams is extremely talented and extra ornery girl she is the stuent of MIT and she gets a scholarship for her MIT on the basic of her extra talent and highly professional skills in her field she is very much interested in sciences she knows the laws of science better than anyone else and knows how and where to apply them.

She wants to do something different and unique in this way she started to built an armor suit for herself and collects all the material for her suit by stealing the material from the lab of her institute.

when guards enter into her room to check that she is stealing the lab material or not than she wears her armor and flew away.