IS Claimed Responsibility For Hacking Doctor To Death In Bangladesh


A homeopathic doctor was hacked today whose responsibility claimed by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria for slaying a doctor who is suspected to be a promoter of Baul Philosophy in Western Bangladesh.


Islamic State of Iraq and Syria took responsibility for hacking death of a homeopathic doctor of Bangladesh, killed by machete-wielding Islamic State militants amid the series of brutal attack on secular activist, while police said that his friend serious injured by a men wielding machetes in western Bangladesh.

A Homeopathy doctor Sanwar Rahman was killed by machete-wielding Islamic State militants, around 58 were wounded badly on his way to his medical center where served the poor, according to police.

According to reports, the doctor along with his friend Saifuzzaman who is an assistant professor of Bangla literature at Islamic University was riding to home on his bike, the duo attacked by assailants in Kushtia earlier morning.

Police reportedly used to reveal the death case of Homeopathy doctor, Sanwar Rahman was died at spot when assailants attacked on him while the partner professor of Bangla literature at Islamic University wounded badly and shifted to nearest Dhaka Medical College in much critical condition.

Reports revealed, at least three of the assailants hacked the duo on Friday and killed the nice person Rahman, Sanwar Rahman was known a villager and a kind person to the poor.

The Site intelligence group said, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria took the responsibility of the killing of a homeopathic doctor Sanwar Rahman through a brief message in Arabic language that posted to IS’ telegram Channel, “Fighters from the Islamic State assassinated a doctor who called to Christianity in Kushtia, western Bangladesh”.

No further details mentioned in the brief Arabic message.

Last Saturday, IS hacked Buddhist monk to death while its militants also targeted a liberal professor, an atheist student, a Sufi Muslim leader and a Hindu tailor was also murdered since last month.